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Dear Partners:
When the night falls, I look up at the sky and the stars always give me endless reveries. The vast space agglomerated with a myriad of particles bears so many dreams of SFEP!
20 years have passed in the twinkling of an eye. Through 20 years of ups and downs. SFEP has come along with the corporate vision of “Enhance China’s Added Value and Create High Quality Life”.
We have excellent teams and continuously innovative management mechanism that lead us to climb to successful heights one after another. What we should appreciate more are cooperative partners who stand together with us through thick and thin!
20 years of mutual support and trust, as well as 20 years of common pursuit and efforts, have contributed to SFEP shining brilliantly like the stars. Filled with gratitude, we plan our future path.
SFEP aims to become a top package solution supply platform for special chemicals, supporting, technology, information, inventory, logistics and added value improvement service in China! General Manager of SFEP

Corporate Profile

A Sino-British joint venture, Shanghai FEP International Trading Co.,Ltd. (SFEP) is engaged in the promotion of imported specialty chemicals in China. Registered in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, which is known as “the window of Fortune 500” and headquartered at Xujiahui, the world-famous high-end CBD in Shanghai, the company has branches and logistics centers in Tianjin, Wuhan, Foshan, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Yantai, Changzhou, Quanzhou, Dalian, Chongqing and other cities. Our company also boasts of a distribution network covering the entire China market, allowing us provide the most direct and professional services and the most timely technical support to our customers. Shanghai FEP understands that the world belongs to every one of us. Therefore, we take the world as our stage, by not only competing in both domestic and international markets, but also demonstrating the traditional Chinese business ethics.

We win markets with our services and develop with our quality products! Our company commits to introduce world-class and hi-tech product lines into the Chinese market. We sell and distribute PPO, SEBS/SEPS, light stabilizer, anti-oxidant, anti-static agent, flame retardant, phosphite, hollow/solid microsphere, high-performance pigment, matting agent, antiseptic/mould-proof agent/algaecide, anti-block agent, polyvinyl alcohol, quartz powder, fumed silica, PTFE micro powder, release agent, superconductive carbon black, phenolic resin & seperator, silica sol, and supporting materials of lithium battery, such as copper foil, aluminum foil with carbon coating, artificial graphite, carbon nano tube VGCF, binder SBR, thickener CMC and special high-performance fine chemical products from a number of other world leading companies. These products are widely used in many industries including electric power, petrochemicals, plastics, artificial leather, coating, ink, silicone rubber, adhesive, cosmetics, batteries, pharmaceutical, optical fiber cable, electric cable, new energy, UP resin/epoxy resin/PU and downstream products. The product can be used in wide ranges with defined purposes, has good performance and is with great cost-efficiency. Furthermore, Shanghai FEP has launched multi-product packages customized for a variety of applications, which effectively helps our customers control costs and increase sourcing efficiency, while improving the strengths of and the partnership between both parties.

In fact, the business of Shanghai FEP is still expanding… Join us! Wherever you are, whatever you demand or supply, you can benefit from win-win added value via the partnership service by Shanghai FEP team.

In the industrial world where perfection is increasingly becoming a goal, you need a reliable partner that is familiar with your business. That partner not only needs to be able to fill order sheets, but also should bring you new ideas, just like SFEP does. Welcome to dial our service hotline: 400-820-3711.

We have highly capable professionals with chemical expertise, an efficient sales/service team, partnerships with a lot of international suppliers, convenient smooth supply channels, stable supply and a safe stockpile.

An active contributor to the Social Responsibility and Care Program of Chemical Manufacturers’ Association, Shanghai FEP has been committed to its social responsibilities and to improvements in health care, safety and environmental protection.



1999 Shenzhen Branch was established! In the same year, SFEP move to new office: No.18, Caoxi North Road, Shangshi Mansions,Floor 28th H, Xuhui District, Shanghai
1998 Shanghai International Trading Co., Ltd. in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in Shanghai set up!

Qingdao Branch was established
2002 Tianjin Branch was established! Join in AISACOAT International Exhibition for the first time!


2005 memorabilia

head office area expanded again! , New product line: HGM and HPP! , China Coatings Exhibition CHINACOAT external power "powder debut"! , Proposed the definition of business bridge!
Shanghai office area doubled! , New cooperation suppliers: Japan JVP Chemical and Japan Ronson! , Staff increase and put forward team building plan!

2003 Memorabilia


2009 Memorabilia

The company strengthened service awareness, set up a national customer service hotline: 400-820-3711, for the first time to expand the training and other team building projects Events
the third transformation -------, the global financial crisis hit the head office office area contrarian expansion, new suppliers: the United States 3M and the United States quartz, the snowstorm makes the team cohesion enhanced

2008 Memorabilia


2011 Memorabilia

memorabilia song recording, CRM / ERP system on-line to lay off a solid foundation for foreign take-off, the company thanks to the culture of ten colleagues, foreign monthly culture value guidelines was officially launched, Quanzhou Branch was established
The fourth transformation -------, carry out a series of internal training / training: "from excellent to excellent", "steel team", "six-star mentality", etc., internal training and sharing Mechanism formed: Sanxin, four new clubs, the first full annual meeting to establish a sound corporate culture values, so that corporate culture deep into the heart Events

2010 Memorabilia


The Fifth Metamorphosis

15th Anniversary of Foreign Power
The Fifth Metamorphosis ------ Establishing the Planning and Positioning of the Enterprise in the Next 5 Years: Deepening as a platform for creating and providing package solution providers, "Foreign School" was formally established and the office area of the head office expanded Organizational Framework Optimization, 12th Annual Conference Theme: "SFEP Dream, China flourish", New Supplier Batch Import

2012 Memorabilia


April 2014 Jing Cai Shanghai Foreign Technology Seminar

To this end, our company builds a platform for technology exchange and holds a seminar on Shanghai Foreign Electronic Technology. We invite all the world's top suppliers of raw materials and technologists in the field of 3C coatings to come together for mutual improvement. October 2014 Leading the B2B platform innovative promotional model

The market is rapidly changing, only innovative win the market.



Cultural Values

Rally in SFEP
Elevating,innovative,and active spirits are the centripetal force to attract talents!
SFEP boasts the talent team and cohesive force not inferior to Fortune 500 companies!
Constantly innovative management mechanism supports us to brave challenges and face up to the future!

External Cultural Value Guidelines

Business Vision --- to enhance China's added value and create high quality of life!
Corporate mission --- training learning team, excellent Chinese quality!
Corporate style --- modest, rigorous, tough and efficient!
Enterprise purpose --- Your Extended Arm In China!
Division Secretary-self-discipline, self-examination, self-drive, self-improvement!

Hiring concept --- not the best, only the most suitable!
Talent concept --- loyalty integrity, professional enterprising!
Growth philosophy --- learning to enhance the value, growth and create opportunities!
Salary concept --- basic salary is the protection of the weak, the bonus is the strong incentive!
Business philosophy --- build a win-win platform to enhance the technical quality, the achievement of a common vision!

Marketing concept --- no saturated market, only the idea of ??saturation!
Product concept --- cost + service = overall competitiveness!
Service concept --- pay to create, all altruism!
Action concept --- Attitude determines all details determine success or failure!
Core values ??- the team laid the cornerstone of service to create value, innovation guide forward!

Orthodoxy is positive Quotations
The positive person is the sun, where to go bright; negative person is the moon, the first fifteen is not the same!
Your result today is determined by the act of three or five years ago. Your actions today will determine your result in three to five years!
Reasonable requirement is exercise, unreasonable requirements are honed, excessive demand is temper!

No rules, no standards.
(1) There is no perfect person, only the perfect team.
(2) A successful team that creates countless successful individuals.
(3) The strength of the team, invincible.

Our life credo: Work hard, Enjoy harder!
If you have wisdom, please give your wisdom;
If you have no wisdom, please give your sweat;
If wisdom, sweat are not willing to sacrifice - then please leave!

The greatest reward in life is not to give you money, but to give you a chance!

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