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SFEP International special fine chemicals integration platform leader

Tolerance of the corporate personality has become the key to convergence strength.

SFEP International Group, in the introduction of foreign first-class high-tech fine chemicals and domestic marketing efforts in the field of struggle for sixteen years, from bridge-type communication to build the platform for the conversion, international perspective, is to become China's top specialty chemical Product, package, technology, information, inventory, logistics and value-added services package solution supply platform!

At the 2014 annual summit of the plastics industry in China, CCCS Online correspondent had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Chen Ruibin, president of SFEP International Group, and listened to his concepts about the approach and the beauty of business.

SFEP International - started trading more than trade

SFEP International initially started from foreign trading. After 16 years of development, it has already departed from the most basic trade link, which is called "buying and selling." In the course of buying and selling, foreign companies give more added value to their products and are committed to building a comprehensive platform that integrates products, facilities, inventory, logistics, technology, information and various value-added services.

According to Mr. Chen, the whole business type of SFEP started with the marketing of special fine chemicals such as light stabilizers, antioxidants and antistatic agents, introduced some of these special chemicals to plastic applications, and helped customers enhance the added value. Of course, with the business development, there are constantly more additives added to the list of supporting sales. At the same time, SFEP has opened up more applications than the plastics industry, such as coatings, adhesives, batteries, rubber, resins and personal care. The company has seven divisions, covering different application areas, in each division below, there will be more subdivision applications. SFEP made a rough statistics, which involved about 50 industries. "We have covered a fairly wide range of market applications, better able to pinpoint the pulse of China's current economic development, capture some very important demand points and grow together with some of the fastest growing segments of the market, which That's what we are doing right now, "said Mr. Chen.


The President of SFEP Mr. Ruibin Chen

Pure trade has no future, nor does it need to be operated by the operating mode currently adopted by SFEP. In recent years, we have not only created teams, but also planned the future of their enterprises and constantly enhanced competitiveness through innovation and service so as to continuously tap the needs of customers. For example, to provide customers with repackaging services, or do some customized management services. Because many foreign-oriented SMEs in the internal management and team building there is a lack of cooperation with foreign partners, not only made a business, but also learned management.

More than two decades of practice, Mr Chen can be said that the domestic special fine chemicals market witness. SFEP development is also confirming this change. Sixteen years ago, SFEP in its infancy and very few customers. In Mr. Chen's words, "Only a handful of high-end customers will use a little bit of our product." Domestic customers at that time were still not very familiar with high-end specialty chemicals. Because of its high altitude, SFEP developed very hard in 1998-2003. Until 2003, after five years of accumulation, SFEP ushered in the first metamorphosis, expanding product lines and office space. Subsequently, the development of China's manufacturing industry entered a fast lane, creating an opportunity for the further development of SFEP. It will undergo a transformation every two or three years, including expansion of office space, increase of personnel and product lines, change of operation concept, construction of the upgrade.

Chen said that the vision of SFEP is to "enhance China's added value," because the concept of "Made in China" overseas is "low quality and low price." How to improve China's added value depends largely on some key additives. SFEP has always been committed to such a concept passed to the customer, at the same time also see that the cooperation with its customers will be bigger and bigger enterprises, which makes the foreign feel relieved, because they help customers out of the low-cost cycle. Low-cost, is a vicious circle, to do low-end products, the more selling the lower the price, such enterprises can not develop. Some companies that focus on innovation can walk with multiple legs, do some low-end products, but also do high-end products, and they will have a future.

What is the explanation for these foreign exchange products from few people to the masses over the years? China continues to and will certainly be in line with the international market. Power is very clear that in the Chinese market will be able to find their own customer base, of which there will be a considerable part of customers are willing to use some high-end products, because they serve the middle and high-end areas.

Enterprises want to achieve business aesthetics must have the core values

President Chen stressed that team building, corporate culture building, is the last six or seven years has always been the point of strengthening. Because the team laid the cornerstone, there is no team, there will be no external power today, but there will be no future development. Cultivate employees, the company's business will naturally develop upward.

There is also such a concept of SFEP: everyone is ordinary people, but the whole team together, you can do something not ordinary. Precisely because of this, every foreign colleagues are very aware of their own position. SFEP there is no super hero, because this is a group of ordinary people do not ordinary things company.

A lot of sales-oriented enterprises, pursuing the principle of "defeating the king", as long as the sales staff to do sales, get the order, everything is tolerable. However, foreign sales staff for the development of a unique assessment system - attitude assessment. This is related to the core values of SFEP. Some people have strong sales ability, but do not pay attention to teamwork at all. They regard themselves as Superman, arrogant and impetuous. Such people, foreign calls "lone wolf." He has great ability, but does not contribute to the company, or may help sales in the short term, but in the long run is to spoil the future of the business. "For such a lone wolf, we generally say sorry, SFEP is not suitable for your development."

SFEP have always done so for the last 16 years. Although it has been very hard and has taken a lot of twists and turns, it has always believed firmly that as long as it wants to truly realize commercial aesthetics, a company must have its own core values and values must be implemented so that every employee of the company believes that this value is correct, reasonable, and beautiful, then this value will be promoted and implemented, otherwise they will have to leave. The beauty must not be impetuous and utilitarian. It must not take short cuts and unscrupulous tactics. It must not rely solely on price competition. It must not be lack of good faith and lack of morality. It must not come at the expense of loss of future generations. This is the future of SFEP, but also the definition of commercial aesthetics.
[Editor's Summary] Fine chemicals, can be called ingredients, small material, so SFEP has been humble to position itself as a "supporting role." As an outstanding "supporting role," the demand is neither overbearing nor impressive, and SFEP naturally has its own uniqueness. Focusing on surpassing services, pursuing sustainable development, and emphasizing services to create value rather than purely price competition. At the same time, with more and more innovative products, we will ensure that we are serving as a sunrise industry with broad prospects for the future. The strong vitality of the SFEP comes from always adhere to create a strong corporate culture and vibrant team, because the believe that only the spirit of team members enriched and have sufficient positive energy, it is possible to enjoy the joy of work, it may be found in the work. It may be to help businesses set foot on the broad and correct way, the team members enjoy the sunshine of beautiful life. I believe this is the true meaning of commercial aesthetics! In short: a clear positioning of supporting roles, sustainable development and re-service, innovation and cultural education team, full of energy go the right way.

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